Top Architects in Lahore

Architectural Wonders in Lahore: Top 5 Architects to Watch Out For

Architecture is one of the most popular and trending fields in Pakistan. With its ever-changing fashions, there’s no telling what you can expect to see in the architectural world next. If you want to stay up to date on all the latest trends and architecture news, make sure to check out our top 5 architects to watch out for in Lahore.

1) Altaf Hussain Altaf Hussain is a Pakistani architect who is known for his groundbreaking designs and for his outspoken advocacy for sustainable architecture. He has worked on numerous high-profile projects in Pakistan and abroad, including the iconic Karachi Central Bank building.

2) Nasir Kazmi Nasir Kazmi is a celebrated architect from Punjab who has designed some of Lahore’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Lahore Museum of Art and the Nishat Cinema Complex. His work is often ambitious and complex, with a focus on sustainability and environmentalism.

3) Waheed Murad Waheed Murad is a young Pakistani architect who has quickly gained recognition for his imaginative and cutting-edge designs. His projects range from residential complexes to public spaces, and he frequently uses innovative materials and techniques to stand out from the crowd.

Arif Rahim

Architectural Wonders in Lahore: Top Architects in Lahore to Watch Out For

For architecture enthusiasts, Lahore is an unforgettable destination. The city has a long and illustrious history, with many architectural wonders to be seen. Here are five of the best architects to watch out for in Lahore:

1) Arif Rahim is one of the most celebrated architects in Pakistan. He has designed iconic buildings such as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Karachi and the Federal Judicial Complex in Islamabad.

2) Makhdoom Hussain Amjad is another highly regarded architect who specializes in modernist designs. His notable projects include the Faisal Mosque and Convention Center in Islamabad, as well as the Iqbal International Airport Terminal 3.

3) Nadir Shah is known for his innovative use of traditional materials and local building techniques. His work includes the iconic Punjab Railway Station in Lahore, as well as various government complexes throughout Pakistan.

4) Shakil Ahmad Shehzad is a multi-talented architect who has worked on a range of projects, from residential complexes to cultural landmarks such as the Badshahi Mosque and Minar-i-Pakistan.

5) Farooq Kazmi is a former student of both Makhdoom Hussain Amjad and Nadir Shah, and his distinctively styled buildings have earned him a reputation as one of Pakistan’s most promising young architects.

Atique Sheikh

Atique Sheikh is one of the most influential young architects in Pakistan. He has designed some of Lahore’s most iconic buildings, such as the Pearl Continental and Elan Residences.

Born in 1978, Atique Sheikh graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in architecture. After moving to Lahore, he started his own practice in 2002. His work is characterized by its playful creativity and use of light and space.Al-Huda Mosque in Rawalpindi, the Karachi Art Summit Exhibition Hall, and the Lighthouse Hotel & Resort in Balochistan are a few of Atique Sheikh’s other noteworthy works. He has also been involved in many public commissions, including the renovation of Quaid-e-Azam Complex and Pakistan Postal Museum in Islamabad.

Atique Sheikh is one of Pakistan’s most innovative young architects, and his work is sure to influence future generations of architects. If you’re looking for distinctive designs that reflect Lahore’s rich culture and history, be sure to check out Atique Sheikh’s work!

Riaz Shah

  1. Riaz Shah

Riaz Shah is one of the most renowned and influential architects working in Pakistan today. His signature modernist designs are known for their clean lines and sophisticated use of materials, and his work has been featured in magazines and newspapers all over the world.

  1. Ghulam Mustafa Khar

Ghulam Mustafa Khar is another leading architect in Lahore, and his work is characterized by its innovative use of traditional building techniques combined with a contemporary aesthetic. He has won numerous awards for his work, and his firm has been involved in a number of major projects in Lahore over the past few years.

  1. Murtaza Khan

Murtaza Khan is a young architect based in Lahore who is quickly becoming one of the city’s most respected designers. His mixed-use designs are inspired by traditional Pakistani architecture, and he frequently collaborates with local craftsmen to create unique pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures for his projects.

  1. Asif Khan Durrani

Asif Khan Durrani is one of Pakistan’s most well-known architects, and his work has been featured in several international publications over the past few years. He specializes in modernist designs that are often ambitious and experimental, and he often collaborates with local artists to create distinctive visual elements for his projects.

Omar Khan

  1. Omar Khan is a Pakistani-born British architect and urban planner who has worked extensively in the United Kingdom and Pakistan. He chairs the London-based architecture firm, MKDS Architects, which he founded with his wife, Huma Khan.
  2. Khan’s early work was focused on Brutalist architecture, and his first major project was the redevelopment of an inner-city area in Birmingham, England. Since then, he has been involved in a number of high-profile projects in Lahore, including the restoration of the historic Shalimar Gardens and the reconstruction of the historic Walled City.
  3. Khan’s approach to design is based on empathy for his surroundings; he believes that buildings should not be imposing or alienating, but should instead integrate into their surroundings to create a sense of community. His work has been praised for its sensitivity to local context and history, as well as its sustainable design principles.


If you’re looking to explore some of the most beautiful and iconic architectural wonders in Lahore, be sure to keep an eye out for the top 5 architects to watch out for. From Feroz Khan Lohri’s breathtaking skyline of Lahore’s city center, to Zafar Hasan Khan’s sprawling campuses in the city’s outskirts, these architects have made their mark on one of Pakistan’s most vibrant cities. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip now!