why do I hate computer science?

I hate computer science the most, and I am probably not alone in that feeling. Most people outside of computer science might find it baffling that some people are not crazy about computer science. Nevertheless, computer science is just too hard. There are too many required courses about coding, algorithms, and data structures that I do not find very interesting. People think that programming is fun and so easy. But they don’t know how frustrating programming can be.

Furthermore, to top it all off, I don’t even know the difference between object-oriented and functional programming! I hate computer science since I took my first class, and I have not been able to bring myself to like it yet, even though I’ve tried many different approaches. When I say computer science, I mean programming in general, not just writing code or app development. 

Disadvantages of computer science 

In this era of Technology, the general public assumes that applied science is one of the foremost necessary subjects due to our world’s advancing Technology daily. However, they do not know that the PC, like everything else, has its disadvantages:

  • Needs an excessive amount of sitting
  • Causes Median neurological disorder
  • causes you to be lonely and Isolated.
  • causes you to be less drawn to Studies.
  • Your Physical Health and mental state square measure Spoiled
  • prohibit your learning.

Most Important Topics Are Not Used Anymore

The most important reason why I hate computer science is that Data structures square measure typically the topic for second-course students in applied science. Unfortunately, few people use several information structures any longer. We tend to either plop things in object hash tables or push them into information that will stop the thinking for America. It’s still quite helpful for everybody to rely on the recursive complexity. However, only a few should worry about B-trees or connected lists. Not solely that. However, several people have concluded that we’re more content trusting a standard library than Lilliputian with information structures. It’s too simple to create mistakes. Several organizations expressly forbid roll-your-own information structures, with sensible reason.

There are many alternative samples of subjects within the classic information that simply isn’t required any longer. Compilers square measure complicated and essential. However, the sole those that write them square measure students forced to form toy versions in a very semester-long course. Even Apple used stock ASCII text file tools once it created the compiler for Swift.

Mathematical Models Take Us Down The Inaccurate Path

Mathematical models take us down the incorrect path.

Anyone who’s learned info theory has discovered the cleverness of Boyce–Codd traditional type, the method we tend to break down AN elaborate system into little tables. It’s all elegant and economical — till you wait forever for a response to your SQL question crammed with part of commands. That is why I hate computer science.

Most developer groups quickly learn to “denormalize” their databases to enhance performance. In other words, they strip away all the cleverness and stick the information in one large table. It’s ugly and wasteful. However, it’s usually screamingly quick. As for the bloat, space is affordable.

Once they begin golf and shoot their education into the application, several developers pay some years unlearning all of the mathematical cleverness from their Cs courses.

Academic Technology up-to-date is long in coming.

Another reason why I hate computer science so much is because machine learning and computer science square measure all the craze, and lots of square measure athletics to experiment with them. However, they’ve been studied for many years by the atomic number 55 departments. Will it be to research all of the ideas from the colleges nowadays — or wait patiently till they’re prepared for general use?

Not being thoughtful often rarely gives good results.

When I told one irremovable academic that one in each of my students landed employment because of some lectures on Angular and React, he smiled. 

That’s fine. However, there aren’t many that will justify the defrayal of about 1,000,000 bucks on interest, whether or not polynomial or exponential angles will dance on the top of a pin. The discipline tradition is gorgeous. However, it encourages disdain for sensible data, all concerning some profound, eternal truths, and That is why I hate computer science. On top of that, once your company needs to ship one thing next week by the point, nobody has time to find the truth.

Signs Computer Science is not for you.

hate computer science

If you are wondering why I hate computer science, tech is the business to be in straight away. Numerous kids create careers in technical school as their final goal. Several make it solely to understand that their hearts lie elsewhere.

Is programming appropriate for me? Why do I hate computer science? Can I prefer coding? Asking yourself these queries and answering them honestly could have you think twice. The reality: some individuals simply hate writing. Here are some signs that computer science is not for you:

  • You lack creativity
  • You don’t do things by yourself
  • You do not understand logical problems
  • You do not research

Some Common myths about computer science

1: Computer Science is all about coding

2:To be successful in society, you have to learn computer science

3: Computer science is for geeks

4:Math is essential for computer science

1: Computer science is all about coding:

This Is a common myth in society that computers are all about coding, but this is not true, and that is why I hate computer science because not all fields of computer science require coding. Digital marketing, SEO, graphic designing, etc., all this field do not require coding, so if you don’t know coding it does t mean that you can,t be successful in computer science,

2: To be successful in society, you have to learn computer science

It is another common myth about computer science becoming successful. You have to learn computer science which is a myth and why I hate computer science. Many other professions that don’t require computer skills, like a general store, etc. Many people are successful without learning computer science.

3: Computer science is for geeks

A geek is a person that appears in society as unfashionable. They are very unsocial and always on the computer. You don’t have to be a geek to learn computer science. Many computer scientists appear to be geeks, but it is not necessary. You can be fashionable, social, and a computer scientist at the same time.

4: Math is essential for computer science

Maths plays an important role for a computer scientist. With the help of the right calculations, many errors can be fixed by using math, but some people are not good at math, so it doesn’t mean that they cannot be successful in computer science, and that is why I hate computer science. There are many fields in computer science that don’t require Math at all and have high potential. So if you are interested in computer science, you should take a start. Learning computers can be fun and easy and have very high potential.

Some of the best field that don’t requires Math at all

1: Graphic Design

2: SEO

3: Web Designing

4: Photo Editing

5:Digital Marketing

Tips to be good at Computer Science

1:Don’t be a lone wolf

2: Remember: even as a Computer Science student, you still have a life

3: Studying the night before a deadline will NOT work