Cake Ideas with Cartoon Characters for Children in pune

Cartoon figure cakes have long been popular among children, and thanks to the creativity of bakers, they are now well-liked by adults. Kids will always enjoy cakes and cartoons, despite the fact that new animations and cartoon characters keep coming out with the passage of time. Finally, everyone came to the conclusion that pastries and animated characters made a delicious combination. Studies show that most individuals prefer cartoon figure cake designs when they wish to surprise a child on any occasion.

A cake with an animated figure

If you are planning a child’s surprise party, have a peek at the simple yet creative and enjoyable cartoon character cakes below. If you reside in Pune, you can easily use this service with Online Cake Delivery In Pune.

Cake made with bheem

Undoubtedly, Chota Bheem is a well-liked cartoon character, which is why Chota Bheem cakes are becoming more and more popular. A cake with a 3D Chota Bheem theme and characters is an option.

Like kids adore cartoons and sweets, the well-known character Bugs Bunny loves to eat carrots a lot.

Doraemon’s Cake

Doraemon is a cute talking toy that has a magic pocket from which he can produce anything. It’s wonderful how his good looks and the sweetness of the cake go together.

Singham Cake, Little

Among today’s youngsters, Little Singham is a well-liked cartoon character that not only gives hours of entertainment but also teaches some important lessons.

Disneyland Cake

Despite the fact that he belongs to Disneyland, Mickey Mouse has superhuman skills. The most popular choice out of all the cartoon cakes.

Cake from Oggy & the Cockroaches

The vocabulary in this cartoon has been dubbed to sound like Bollywood stars, and it is just too funny! Serve that to the kid as a surprise, along with some whipped cream and fried batter.

Spiderman Cake: Spiderman is a superhero, and while most people today watch him on television, he first made his appearance in comic books and subsequently cartoons, where he used his web to perform amazing acrobatics and move large buildings. With the help of an online cake ordering service, you can effortlessly obtain Spiderman.

Peppa Pig Dessert

Even though the cartoon character and the story may seem strange at first. The movie actually places a lot of focus on family values. The cake design featuring Peppa Pig is a good choice. The peppa pig cake is the best option for kids. 

Baked Popeye

According to Popeye Cake, Popeye was among the most well-known animated characters of the 1990s. The amount of muscle-building spinach is simply so absurd. It tastes good and evokes memories of eating Popeye cake.


Numerous controversies have surrounded the game. We are including it on our list of cakes with cartoon characters even though it is not a cartoon and the characters are not animated. For PUBG, you can book birthday cake for your kid in advance.  

The Scooby-Doo Cake

Since the debut of this animated television series, people have found the perfect name for their dogs. Because Scooby-Doo is a beloved programme, the child will treasure the cake dearly!

Baking Shinchan

We bet your kid will like playing with and eating the Shinchan cake you choose for them. The cartoon series’ storyline is really comical, and Shinchan is a naughty youngster.

The spongebob cake

One of the strangest and prettiest cartoon characters in our opinion was SpongeBob, and SpongeBob Cake was our favorite. Hence, the SpongeBob cake featuring his animated persona.

Cakes by Tom & Jerry

Don’t be deceived by Tom & Jerry Cake’s low placement! The best performer descends the ramp in grand style. Tom and Jerry from the cartoons are well-known all across the world and will always be around.

Cake with Minion

Children all throughout the world are enormous fans of and hold the minion characters in high respect. Children can’t help but fall in love with these cute little critters and the antics they get up to since they are so adorable. Their joy would know no bounds and they would relish the event with thrill and excitement if you surprise them with a minion-shaped cake on their birthday. By looking for online cake delivery in Mumbai, you can quickly buy them.

A baked Barbie

If it were your daughter, she would like and enjoy playing with the Barbie doll. The Barbie gifts from you might have been given to her. You ought to look for the Barbie birthday cake, why not? Their birthday would be made even more spectacular by this, as it would enhance the occasion. It’ll surely win your daughter’s heart, and you’ll get a tonne of hugs and kisses in return.