What is Elk Bedom on My iPhone?

What is Elk Bledom on My iPhone?

Ever opened your iPhone’s Bluetooth and seen a weird name like “Elk Bledom”? So, the Elk Bledom is most likely a generic Bluetooth device name for the LED light strips that appear on your mobile phone.

So, you don’t worry, it is not a strange adventure! This guide will explain what “Elk Bledom” really is and how you can deal with it.

What is Elk Bledom?

Ever notice “Elk Bledom” on your iPhone’s Bluetooth?  Do not worry, it is not from outer space!  Think of those fancy fairy lights or LED strips you can control with your phone app.  “Elk Bledom” is probably just one of those lights nearby LED light.  They use Bluetooth to connect to phone apps. And the “Elk Bldom” is a common name.  So that cool light strips your neighbour has then these lights shows up on your mobile phone. 

Why is it on My iPhone?

Are you confused by “Elk Bledom” on your iPhone’s Bluetooth? Relax, it is  not aliens!

Think of your iPhone’s Bluetooth as a short-range walkie-talkie. It scans for other devices nearby, even ones you do not have these devices.

This “Elk Bledom” is probably a cool LED strip light in your neighbour controls with their phone. Many of these lights use “Elk Bledom” as a name, so it appears on your Bluetooth list.

So, you must see them more in apartments because the signal only travels on short distances.  Your iPhone’s just being friendly, picking up something around is  not meant it’s for you!

Is it Safe?

Elk Bledom is safe, nothing else, because these are only fairy lights controlled with mobile apps.

Here are some important things to remember. Think of it like not a stranger that you can see from afar. They might seem okay, but it is always good to be cautious. Here’s why:


While “Elk Bledom” is usually harmless, these LED lights have a tiny catch that appears on your mobile phone. Sometimes, the app that controls them may be weak, like a flimsy lock on a door.

Imagine someone nearby has the same app. If your lock (app) is weak, they might be able to control your neighbor’s lights but not yours. No need to panic, though, they cannot mess with anything else.


Another heads-up about these “Elk Bledom” lights that can disturb your privacy because it might have hidden cameras. Think of a tiny spy hiding among the pretty lights. It is uncommon, but just something to keep in mind in case you see “Elk Bledom” on your Bluetooth. Then never be to panic now, but it is good to be aware!

How to Deal with Elk Bledom

Here’s what you can deal with about Elk Bledom:

Ignore it

In most cases, this Elk Bledom is harmless. You can simply ignore it by clicking on the ignoring button if it does not bother you.

Remove the Device (Optional)

While you can not remove Elk Bledom from someone device, you can remove it from your iPhone’s Bluetooth list. Then should go to Settings > Bluetooth. Then,  find “Elk Bledom” on your device, and tap on the “Forget This Device.”

Use a Bluetooth Scanner App (Optional)

Suppose you are curious about the exact location of the LED strip light that where it located. You can also use a Bluetooth scanner app (like Wunderfind) to see the signal strength of signals as you move around.

Just Nearby LED Lights

Elk Bledom might seem like a cryptic message from a forgotten video game. But it is a friendly neighborhood LED strip light in disguise that appear on your mobile phone. At the same time, it is a reminder to be mindful of Bluetooth security. There is no need to be alarmed. So, next time you see Elk Bledom, just you can simply smile, knowing the mystery is solved!


Elk Bledom is most likely a harmless LED light from a neighbor that is not a cause for the alarm. You can ignore or remove it from your Bluetooth list if it bothers you. At the same time, the Elk Bledom itself is not a security threat. It serves as a reminder to be generally aware of Bluetooth security practices. Now you can rest easy by knowing the strange name in your Bluetooth settings is just the colourful glow of nearby LED lights

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